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Notes on the Madigan Estate



I found. A finger. In the fountain. I found a finger. In the fountain. I’m sitting on the floor in the Winter Garden and it’s just lying there in front of me and I keep thinking I see it move. Quinn WARNED me there might be remains here, and of course I was like “oh, great! I love spooky things!”


Then I found a finger in the fountain.


I cataloged it, because what else can I do? I’m just wondering where the rest is. Lowkey trying not to freak out right now.


That’s stupid. I knew people died here already. Hell, I was excited about it! Guess there’s a difference between hearing about a death and actually seeing a body. Or part of a body.


I don’t feel sick at all anymore but my hand hurts like hell. That thorn must have gone deeper than I thought. Really really hope it doesn’t get infected. I’m glad it’s not my writing hand but it isn’t making this whole project any more fun.


Probably going to head back to the car for lunch in a




There’s someone upstairs.



I don’t actually believe in ghosts. I was just kidding. Those are definitely person footsteps, not ghost footsteps. I can get back outside and to my car but I’m afraid of passing the stairs.


I’m not a fast runner and I’m not sneaky. Probably just an urban explorer or a hiker or something but if it is a chainsaw murderer I don’t want to take chances.


I’m going to sneak out.

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