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From: Benjamin Farrow <>
To: Quinn Hallorann <>
Date: 03/15/2020 20:13
Subject: RE: WE'RE GO
Do we have a timeline? How long do I get on the grounds before the crews arrive? 
From: Quinn Hallorann <>
To: Benjamin Farrow <>
Date: 03/15/2020 20:22
Subject: RE: WE'RE GO
Uhh I think like two weeks? She wasn't super clear, but we're still in the early stages. Two weeks AT LEAST from the day you arrive. She's fighting hard with the state to keep the Madigan Estate under her legal control, so everything's tied up in red tape until they find some kind of loophole or slap her with a fine.

It's not a lot of time. The house itself could easily take months to go through properly. There's something like 30 bedrooms, 40 bathrooms, 70 fireplaces, like three different libraries ... I could go on. You're going to have to be really picky about where you go digging. Then there's the greenhouse and the gardener's cottage and the auxiliary buildings on the grounds. TBH I wouldn't even touch those. We have one shot at the really good stuff before the state curators barge in, and we can't afford to waste it. 
From: Quinn Hallorann <>
To: Benjamin Farrow <>
Date: 03/15/2020 19:50
Subject: WE'RE GO
Jane Madigan wrote back!! She said she wanted someone to comb through the place individually first anyway, bc there's some stuff in there that's really fragile and she doesn't want a lot of people rushing through at once. 

Are you the guy, Ben? I bet you're the guy.
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