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From: Benjamin Farrow <>
To: Quinn Hallorann <>
Date: 03/15/2020 20:30
Subject: RE: WE'RE GO
Months? You don't know me at all ;) 
I cleaned out my grandma's place in less than a week after she died. I found her engagement ring, the one that was missing for THIRTY YEARS. Give me two weeks with that estate, and I'll dig out so much good stuff you'll have to open a new museum.
From: Quinn Hallorann <>
To: Benjamin Farrow <>
Date: 03/16/2020 7:35
Subject: RE: WE'RE GO
Focus, Ben.
OK, so I'm going through the docs Jane Madigan sent over. It's really, really good for us. She'll cover your hotel room in White Oak for two weeks, so you only have to pay for your food. Just keep the receipts and we can probably figure out some kind of reimbursement. NO CHEESECAKE FACTORY. Sensibly-priced restaurants only. Mark is practically breathing down my neck while I write this and I'll be on the hook if you get anything too expensive. 
Obviously you won't be able to bring any material artifacts back to the hotel room, but Jane said there's probably an empty room near the front of the house where you can store anything good you find. Just tag them as you go, so the state knows they're ours. 
And, like, don't break anything. There's probably stuff in there worth more than you.
From: Benjamin Farrow <>
To: Quinn Hallorann <>
Date: 03/16/2020 12:14
Subject: RE: WE'RE GO
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