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[REDACTED]: Hello, Madigan residence, this is [REDACTED].

QUINN HALLORANN: Hi! Yes! Hi! This is Quinn. Hallorann.

[REDACTED]: [stifled sigh] Right, hello.

HALLORANN: Is Jane there?

[REDACTED]: [pause] No, she’s not in at the moment. It’s very late, Miss Hallorann.

HALLORANN: Is she out at a club or something?


HALLORANN: Jane. She’s ninety years old. So is she ‘not in at the moment’ or is it just very late? Which is it?

[REDACTED]: [firmly] She’s asleep, Miss Hallorann.

HALLORANN: There you go. You know, this is the fifth time I’ve called trying to get a hold of her. From what you’ve told me about her schedule, she gets up at the crack of dawn and launches into space or somewhere else with no cell reception, then comes back at whatever time you Brits think is “very late” and immediately falls unconscious. Busy life for a nonagenarian.

[There is a long pause, broken by the sound of a door closing. A child’s voice can be heard in the background.]

HALLORANN: In a minute, Simon. Mama’s extorting a housekeeper.

[A pause. The child’s voice is audible but unintelligible.]

HALLORANN: Is that right? [To [REDACTED]] Great news! I think Jane’s in the kitchen making tea. Can I speak to her, please?

[REDACTED]: I … um …


[REDACTED]: You are being extremely rude. Mrs. Madigan is not available to speak to you, so you will simply need to-

JANE MADIGAN [background]: Who is that, [REDACTED]?

[There is a pause.]

MADIGAN [background]: Give me the telephone.

[There is another pause as the call changes hands.]

HALLORANN: Jane? It’s Quinn.

MADIGAN: Hello, Quinn. You know it’s very late.

HALLORANN: I’m aware.

MADIGAN: Well, what can I do for you?

HALLORANN: I’ll make this quick. Ben Farrow, the guy we have going through the estate, called me and said he found a huge library in the house. He thinks there is some really important information there, but he made it really clear that he doesn’t have enough time to go through it properly.

MADIGAN: Ah, I see. Would you like me to lobby for a few more days?

HALLORANN: Please! I mean - if you could, that would be incredible. I’d be so grateful.

MADIGAN: I can’t make any promises. The state is very strict.

HALLORANN: Any-anything you can do, anything at all. Thank you so much, Mrs. Madigan.



MADIGAN: And has he learned anything?

HALLORANN: Ben? Um, yeah, I’ve been sending you pretty much all the transcribed documents and stuff he’s been able to find, I know it hasn’t been a lot so far but -

MADIGAN: Does he know what happened?

HALLORAN: Not - not yet.

MADIGAN: We must know what happened. I’ll get you more time.

HALLORANN: Again, thanks so much.

MADIGAN: What about Castile?

HALLORANN: He was your uncle, right? Ben found a few mentions of him here and there, but nothing really concrete -

MADIGAN: Has he found Castile?

HALLORANN: I - what - I’m not sure what you mean.

MADIGAN: They never found him, you know. Oh, I wish I could meet him. My mother never spoke about him, you know. It was a very painful memory for her, very painful.


HALLORANN: Jane, um. The - the estate. It isn’t … dangerous, is it?

MADIGAN: I’ve never been there, dear. I did warn you the structure might be unstable.

HALLORANN: Right, yeah, and Ben’s used to that, but I meant more like … if there’s, um … never mind. I’ll tell Ben you’ll get him more time. Thank you so much, Jane.

MADIGAN: Good night, dear. Take care.


[call ends]

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