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Benjamin Farrow

Copied Direct from Field Journal

To anyone reading: yes, those are bloodstains on the page. The front doors to the manor were stuck shut so I had to climb in through a window. Really need to get Quinn to talk to Jane about making this place more accessible. Don’t know if that’s even possible right now, though, so might just have to go to the general store in White Oak and pick up a hatchet or something.


I found a ground floor window big enough to step through, and it was already broken in, but I tripped on the sill and fell face-first into a dead thornbush. Got my hands up to my face in time, but my arms sting all over now and I’m still picking out broken thorns.


I thought maybe I’d be free of overgrowth once I got inside the house, but I guess that was too much to hope for. The Appalachian ecosystem really went ham on this place. Bushes are pushing up through rotted carpeting and split floorboards, vines are creeping up the walls, and there’s a big hole in the ceiling right over my head to let in the rain. The mold-smell is spectacular.


OK, I’ve wasted enough time. I’m on a schedule. Just know that A) Yes, I am bleeding, and B) Yes, you should feel very sorry for me.




Actually found a desk to write on. So: taking stock of the room I’m in. Appears to be one of the Madigan Manor’s many, many parlors, but the door is unfortunately blocked, so I’ll either need to find another way in or bring power tools next time. I was planning to poke around a little bit until I found somewhere promising to spend my time, but I don’t have enough time to force my way through.


This room isn’t exactly barren, though. The damp has definitely gotten to the furniture and the carpet, but I can tell from the peeling wallpaper that this parlor was very beautiful, once.

AND: there are documents in the writing desk drawer! So the first day is a big win so far.


Quick personal note: I think I dropped my protein bar when I was forcing my way through the woods :( Starting to get hungry, too. I’ll definitely bring a full kit tomorrow. Band-aids, Neosporin, a couple chocolate bars, etc.


I’ll start gathering up these documents and copying out the ones too flimsy to make it back to the car with me.

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