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[Transcript of a call made via payphone out of White Oak, North Carolina to Quinn Hallorann in St Petersburg, Florida]



HALLORANN: [overlapping] Fuck!

[sound of chair overturning]

HALLORANN: Where the hell have you been?

FARROW: Uh, the estate -

HALLORANN: [overlapping] I haven’t heard from you in three days! Weren’t you getting my emails? What the hell is this number?

FARROW: It’s a payphone.

HALLORANN: What the fuck is wrong with your phone?

FARROW: [strained] Uh, I think I lost it.

HALLORANN: You lost it?

FARROW: I’ve been, I-I’ve been really busy at the estate. It got lost in the shuffle. Sorry, it’s just I - haven’t been able to get away.

HALLORANN: “Get away?” You’re supposed to send me nightly reports! You’re supposed to - Ben, you haven’t been sleeping there, have you?

FARROW: [beat] What makes you say that?

HALLORANN: Oh my god.

FARROW: I’m sorry. I should have been in touch.

HALLORANN: Yes! You should have! Jesus, Ben, I thought something happened to you! I was about to call the police! Or take the next flight out! Fuck, Ben, what’s wrong with you?

FARROW: Jury’s still out.

HALLORANN: I am not joking around with you right now!

FARROW: I know! I’m fine. Really. [pause] You were really gonna call the cops?

HALLORANN: No! Obviously I wouldn’t -

FARROW: “Suspicious individual shot while trespassing at prominent historical site…”

HALLORANN: [overlapping] But I was looking at flights! You can’t just go dark on me, Ben! We’re in this project together! Mark is making my life a living hell and I promised him you would come through for us! I swore up and down you could do it!

FARROW: I - I got sick, Quinn! I can’t help it that I got sick.

HALLORANN: Are you okay, Ben? Is everything all right?

FARROW: Yeah. Promise. Listen, I’m calling because I need to ask you something.

HALLORANN: [long pause] Oh. OK.


HALLORANN: Nothing. What do you want?

FARROW: I’m sorry I didn’t call you sooner, I was just so busy -

HALLORANN: [overlapping] What do you want, Ben?

FARROW: Is there any way I can get more time at the estate?

[sharp inhale]

FARROW: [hastily] This virus thing really threw me off. I’ve found something really promising, but I need lots of time to go through it the way it deserves. More time than I’ve got.

HALLORANN: What did you find?

FARROW: Uh … a library.

HALLORANN: A library?

FARROW: I think. It has records and stuff.

HALLORANN: [flat] Records and stuff.

FARROW: Like I said, I need more time to go through it all. Is there any way at all you could -

OPERATOR: [overlapping] To continue your call, please insert an additional fifty cents.

FARROW: [cont.] Shit - one sec …

HALLORANN: I could maybe talk to Jane Madigan …

FARROW: Shit, I’m out of change. Quinn, can you get me more time?

HALLORANN: Ben! You go get more change right now and call me back. We are not done talking!

FARROW: I can call you back tomorrow. I really have to get back to the estate. Please talk to Jane.

HALLORANN: Ben! Ben, do not hang up the -

[call ends.]

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