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Dear Diary,

I had another Real Dream last night.

I dreamed my Uncle Ben had an axe and he was dragging it on the ground and walking toward a mirror. His reflection was staring at him and didn’t match how he was moving.

The mirror was leaning against a white tree in the woods. I could tell it was fall because all the leaves on the ground were red. The reflection in the mirror wanted Uncle Ben to follow it somewhere. It had been waiting for a long time and it was getting angry.

But Uncle Ben didn’t want to go and he raised his axe. I felt really, really bad in the dream, like I was watching from above and I wanted to do something but I couldn’t move. I knew something was wrong, like really wrong. Uncle Ben thought he was going to break the mirror, but that wasn’t what was happening at all. He had it all mixed up.

I screamed at him but he couldn’t hear me. Then he swung the axe and it went into the mirror.

He wasn’t supposed to do thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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