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Briony Hallorann >

I’m really worried about Ben

what do you want me to do about it

jesus. ok. Some fucking sympathy would be great, maybe? Or we could talk about it? Or here’s an idea. We could talk about literally anything. When was the last time we actually talked, Bri? Like really talked

I have a pretty good guess.

Look I know everything fell apart and I know I’m the last person in the fucking world you want to talk to right now, or maybe ever again, but isn’t it best for Simon if we’re at least AT LEAST on speaking terms?


Nobody will FUCKING talk to me. You won’t Lucien won’t and Ben - Ben has been fucking radio silence ever since he came back. He would have been there for me no matter what. No matter WHAT he was going through he would have been there

Q are you seriously still riding that fucking crazy train???

The Ben I know would have been there. You said the same goddamn thing to me too. Ben is kind, he’s always there, he tells me what’s going on, and that isn’t him. That isn’t Ben. He won’t answer my questions, he always has this weird shifty look when we're on call and i fucking SWEAR his eyes are a different color. And there hasn’t been one word of sympathy. Not. One. Word. Ben is like a little brother to me and I’ve known him since he was 15 and that isn’t Ben and if you call me crazy again I’ll fucking show you crazy

Fuck you. I’m done.

I’m going to figure this shit out myself.

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