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Missing Hiker Found Safe

Benjamin Farrow vanished in May on a solitary hiking trip near White Oak, North Carolina.
by Elena Morales

Missing 28-year-old Benjamin Farrow, who d isa ppeared in May on a hiking trip near Pisgah National Forest, has be en found safe, White Oak Police dispatch confirmed Saturday.

Benjamin was reported missing in late May when he failed to contact a friend for a scheduled rendezvous. His father, Lucien Farrow, says he was driven by a lle ged police inaction to search for Benjamin himself.

"Of course we're angry. I don't care what they told you. They didn't look for him," the 67-year-old told the Civic on Sunday.

Lucien Farrow is a cellist with the San Francisco Symphony and flew cross-country during the off-season in order to search for his son.

White Oak Police provided an official statement: "Standard protocol with missing adults is to mount a search 24 hours following d isa ppearance. This protocol was a b ided by in the case of Mr. Farrow." White Oak Po l ice dec l ined any furth e r comment.

Benjamin Farrow is uninjured and safe. No further details relating to his case have been released.

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